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Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, 3rd Ed Book - A Quick Reference Guide and Review

Worth it for the CHT test and for an everyday reference!
Like most CHT exam candidates, I was so overwhelmed when I started to study. I really didn't know where to start, but the Purple Review book allowed me to make a schedule that I was able to follow, and made sure I wasn't missing important topics. The most valuable part of the Purple book is the explanations and the helpful hints between the questions. I would often use those to make flash cards and solidify the points. I also purchased 5 practice tests from Exploring Hand Therapy. There is nothing that prepares you for a sit down examination more than blocking your schedule for a few hours and making yourself take an exam. The tests were very similar to the actual exam, and it also helped me to review what topics I needed to study more. There were a few instances where I had questions or needed clarification, and Susan was so responsive to my emails, it was like talking to a coworker! I highly recommend any of the material from handtherapy.com if you are preparing for the CHT exam.
Jaimie Chase  
I used the "purple book" in addition to the Basics and Beyond CHT study prep package as my main study sources for the CHT exam. I feel like they complement each other really well, and I love how the "purple book" is organized in question/answer format. I am proud to say that I passed the exam on my first attempt, and I truly feel as though these materials helped it happen!
Allison Friers  
I used both the purple book as well as three practice exams. They were my best means of studying the material and they challenged my knowledge as well as directed me to areas that I needed to improve in my understanding. I am positive that your study materials were essential and invaluable to my level of preparedness on exam day. Thank you so much for setting me up for success, I am eternally grateful, Stephanie Wu .
Stephanie Wu  
The materials I used to study for the CHT exam are the Purple book, Rehab of the Hand, The Quiz Corner and I purchased 2 practice exams. I found all of these materials to be of value when studying for the exam, especially the practice exams. Best, Nicole Pizzolato OTR/L, CHT
Nicole Pizzolato OTR/L, CHT  
The Certified Hand Therapy exam is comprised primarily of clinical reasoning questions. According to the Hand Therapy Certification Commission, the exam content "reflects current practices of the domains of hand therapy including relevant tasks and knowledge areas that have been identified as essential to the practice of hand therapy." In studying for the CHT exam I used several resources that were listed on the HTCC website. Out of all the CHT educational materials available, the one that helped me the most and ultimately assisted in giving me the clinical reasoning skills and training required to pass the CHT test is the "The Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, 3rd edition, (The Purple Book). The PB is up-to-date with current relevant information, excellent illustrations and photographs with comprehensive and easy to understand content in a question/answer format. As an adjunct to the purple book, the Basics and Beyond online programs are excellent tools to not only sharpen your CHT knowledge base but will help give you the competitive edge in the critical reasoning skills imperative in passing the exam. Practice tests are an important component of the CHT preparatory process. With the complexity and degree of difficulty of the CHT exam, practice tests will help the CHT candidate appreciate and understand the importance of developing vital skills with the ability to solve complex upper extremity problems, finding the optimum solution under a definitive time limit. I highly recommend, the 6th edition test on the Exploring Hand Therapy website. This particular test is the only one on the market today that closely aligns with the format of the CHT exam. Lastly, I would take advantage of other upper extremity programs offered through this website such as the free content segments, cadaver series, Treatment2go tips and Hot Stuff section with innovative products and courses to keep the CHT candidate and current CHTs abreast of the latest information and techniques for better performance in the field of upper extremity rehabilitation. All the best, Juliette Matis
Juliette Matis  
Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to check it out. I'm definitely enjoying the information. I'm bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
this is a clinic resource you can NOT afford not to have - CHTs you need this too!
Offering a comprehensive practice test format compiled from multiple knowledgeable authors, the "purple book" served as an excellent late stage study preparation for my recent successful taking of the CHT exam. Jim Prince OTR/L CHT - May 2016
Jim Prince OTR/L CHT  
Hi Susan thank you so much. Your study material were extremely beneficial and thank you for taking the time to answers my questions. Your company has contribute to my education and I recommend anyone who is preparing for the CHT to use your material. Best regards, Eugene
Eugene Gersh OTR/L CHT  
I found the practise exams and purple book the best way to study! Thanks for your support Kind Regards Chris Burton
Chris Burton OTR/L CHT  
I want to thank you as the purple book and the 5 practice tests really helped me pass CHT exam !!!!Amanda Dhillon
Amanda Dhillon  
BEST BOOK EVER - passed my CHT on the first time with this and the practice exams.
Great book - I use it all the time.
Leianna Schroeder OTR/L, CHT  
It was an excellent guide to finalise your preparation down the lane of CHT. It crystallizes the knowledge in nut shell and make us clear about the tricky pattern of questions, in the CHT exam. Thank you Nancy and Susan. Good work keep it up!
Ms. Jayasree Chandramouli / CHT  
I am impressed with this website and every course I have taken is OFF THE CHARTS!
Awesome resource!!
I used the "Purple Book" as one of my main study guides while studying for the CHT exam which I am happy to report passsing! Thank you for the awesome resource! Dana C.
This is an excellent book to guide my study for the CHT exam. I love the clinical pearls throughout the text and the question/answer format. I am very disappointed, however, in the amount of typos, mis-spellings, and even some incorrect referencing throughout the book; it is as if it was never proof-read before submitting it for publication. Please, this is a professional publication and should appear professional to the reader.
Excellent study guide and reference for studying for the CHT exam
Peggy L Galdini, MOTR/L, CHT  
Thanks so much Susan! I found all of your study/testing materials very beneficial to passing the CHT exam and I cant thank you enough for that
Peter M. Gaitens MS, OTR/L, CHT  
The most superb book on the market!
This book is essential to preparation for the CHT exam. I had the 2nd edition and just got the 3rd edition 4 weeks prior to taking the CHT exam. The new, updated version was extremely helpful for my last minute reviewing. Thank you to all the contributors for a great job on the latest volume! The question/answer format prepares you very well for the exam. I couldn't have done it without you!
Kathie Simpson, PT, CHT  
Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the excellent content that Exploring Hand Therapy offers. I had a 3 person study group that read the Hunter book chapters that corresponded with the "purple book" chapters in preparation for the CHT exam. The purple book offered a great review of the material that we read in the Hunter books and guided our discussions and helped us to learn the material, not memorize it. I also purchased 3 practice tests, which I believe were a huge part in me passing the CHT exam on my first attempt! I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work and dedication that you both put in to the field of hand therapy! Thanks again! Lindsay Gedney, MS, OTR/L, CHT, CLT-LANA
Lindsay Gedney, OTR/L, CHT, CLT-LANA  
Great book - even better than last edition!! Great for studying for CHT exam. I have been a CHT for 7 years and now use the book as a reference, review.
Margherita Toscan, OTR/L, CHT  
The new purple book was very helpful along with the 1000 questions prepared by the experts. I just got my results and I am now a CHT. Worth the reading time and help with building my confidence to give the test. Covers a wide range of material from the new text plus various authors that made me get the passing results.
Smita Mistry  
There is an abundance of information, great tidbits, and I believe it will greatly enhance my knowledge base. Thanks.
Sharon Marsh, OTR  
This was an excellent refresher course after the in depth studying for the CHT exam. It reminded me of many of the little gems I do not use on a regular basis in the clinic I work it. Keep it up. I love your courses.
Randi Pilon OTR/L, CHT  
Dear Nancy and Susan I wanted to contact you both and let you know that I passed the CHT exam on my first attempt back in November 2011. I just received my certification in the mail today. It sure looks nice! Your Basics and Beyond, Everything you need to know: Shoulder to Finger CDs was my primary study tool. Thank you so much for your commitment to providing complete and comprehensive study materials. I could not have attended this goal without your help. Thank you N. Barton OTR, CHT
This is a fantastic way to prepare for the CHT exam. Weiss and Falkenstein are superb instructors and teach effifiently and effectively. I have taken their courses as well as read this book many times!!!
This book ROCKS! I thought the first edition was great but this one is even better. I love the products that these two therapists put on the market. They have great courses and teach in a way that is not intimidating. I think Nancy and Susan teach what therapists need and want to know in a way that sticks. I would also recommend this book and their course if you are studying for the hand exam.
Excellent resource. I recently returned to out patients and find this book exactly as advertised. A quick reference guide. Good info that's easy to find. I find myself using it to check myself and to get ideas.
J. Lockwood  
Loved the book. Great study tool for the Hand Therapy Exam. Full of all sorts of great tidbits and clinical applications.
Jodi Dool  
so usefull book.thanks.
Elham Sadeghein  
The "purple book" and your practice exams were invaluable tools for my CHT exam test preparation. I also wanted to state that EHT went above and beyond in customer service. Thanks again for everything.
Brian Junnier  
Love the new addition of this book. the additional chapters have been helpful in reviewing that type of information. Keep up the fantastic work!
The book, overall, is very good and concise.
Irinia Turner, MSOT, OTR/L  
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and I wanted to let you know that I passed the CHT exam--1st try. It is largely due to your book and also you clarifying some of the anatomy questions I had. Thanks again! Rita D Schnell
Rita D Schnell  
Very helpful in studying for the CHT exam. It is nice to have a different way of learning material (question form).
Sheri Stroppel, P.T., O.C.S.  
Great book, with massive amounts of pertinent, clinically applicable information, which was perfect for people who learn by the socratic method.
i really like this course and will get more live conferences courses in the future.
jacie jurkowski, otr/l, cht  
The book has been very helpful with studying for the CHT test. I would not have known where to otherwise.
Dear Susan and Nancy, Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I just found out I passed the 2007 CHT exam! YAAAAYYY!!!!! Oh my God! I could not have done it without you. Thank you for all the courses, but especially Basics and Beyond, The Purple Book and the practice exams. All were absolutely essential for my success. I cannot express my appreciation enough for you two FABULOUS women. You answered every cry for help either by email and incredibly even by telephone. As I have said before I have never had this level of professionalism, customer support, technical support and genuine caring from any other professional organization in our field. And I have been an OT for 25 years! Joining EHT was the best thing I have ever done! It is money well spent! In my opinion, EHT is essential for any therapist who wants to elevate his or her level of practice. Thank you again! Much love to you both, God Bless and Happy Holidays! Sincerely, Debra Francis, OTR/L, CHT!!!!
Debra Francis  
I love this book!
Rachel Lorch OTR/L  
The 'purple book' was most helpful for me when I was studying for the CHT exam. I work with 4 other OT's and we meet monthly and go through a chapter in the book as an inservice time. It is a very practical resource! --Robin B.
Robin Brunton, OTR, CHT  
Great book with lots of good information on the upper extremity. The discussions after each question allow you to review concepts and to use it as a reference for treating patients. The CD-ROM is a nice bonus tool for self-review.
shannon dukes OTR/L, CHT  
I used the 1st purple book more than this one at this time. I'm using the computer module (Basics & Beyond) right now. Keep up the good work in helping us study for the exam!
I thought the course was great!!!Very informative, and full of information
I am glad that I got this book. It has helped me focus my studing. There is way to much stuff to study out there and I did not know where to start. This book is where to start. Thanks
S. Brian Bennett, OTR/L  
What a great book, I had the old one to help prepare for the CHT exam, but recently upgraded and have been having fun finding the new questions and testing myself with the CDROM. I supervise a couple of other Hand Therapists and use the book to structure some of our sessions and we all love the 'clinical gems'. LOVE THE PURPLE BOOK!
Jen Kaess OT CHT  
This resource is well written and detailed. It is an excellent resource for study, test review, and research on specific client issues.
I am helping a friend study for the CHT exam. We are using the purple books as somewhat of quiz after she reads corresponding information in the Rehab of the Hand book. It is proving to be very useful. In addition it is an excellent review for me (as well as I am learning some things that I either forgot or never knew.)
Christie Blankenship, OTR/L, CHT  
I think it is an excellent publication. I am using it to study for my CHT exam in November.
Debra Francis, OTR/L  
So far I think the book is an excellent source for studying. I like how it is organized. It is also nice to have the index in the front.
Tamara Wells  
I just found out that I am now a CHT. What a great Christmas present especially after the first attempt! Thank you for putting together "THE PURPLE BOOK." It was extremely helpful in studying for the exam. It provided a good frame of reference as far as what to study for and where to begin. I would strongly suggest to those preparing for the exam to get your own copy today!
Mary Ann Martinez, OTR/L CHT  
This is the best purchase I have made. It is very through and is helping me study for the CHT exam. I am sharing several chapters with our PT's and ATC's. It is a good review and teaching tool for them. I also plan on using several questions with my OT students.
Ainslie Kriston OTR/L  
I just found out a few minutes ago that I passed the CHT exam. Thank you so much for all the wonderful courses and books. I KNOW that is why I was able to pass with my first attempt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Gotta go celebrate now!
Annie McKittrick Crary, OTR/L CHT  
"I passed the CHT exam in November and know that it would have been a lot more difficult to study without the "purple book." The book has visited Seattle, Boston, Virginia, Disney World, and Pennsylvania. It is now in its permanent home in my therapy room in North Carolina. My study partner took his to Ireland and Spain (he passed too). Thanks again,"
I just wanted to thank you so much for putting together that comprehensive CD-ROM -The Basics and Beyond! I used it to help study for the CHT exam and I passed...first time!!!!!!!!! I will recommend it to others studying for the exam. The Basics and Beyond CD helped tremendously...not only the content but just to put my mind at ease because it is so comprehensive. I know I had anxiety over where to begin. When I got the CD, I came up with a study guide of how many chapters I would get done each month. If I fell behind, I had to kick it up a notch to get back on track. There is also a great test at the end. It was obvious the FIRST time I took the test where my weaker areas were, so I would spent more time studying those weaker areas, then I took the test again. The test also helps to get you in the test taking mode becuase it has200 questions, just like the CHT exam. Again...thank you soooo much, it was very helpful.
Dawn Hentschke OTR/L,CHT,CEAS  
... I also bought the Comprehensive Review CD ROM by Nancy and Susan, Rehab of the Hand, Fundamentals of Hand Therapy, and The Interactive Hand. I basically sacrificed buying new clothes for the year to have the best materials out there. Between THE PURPLE BOOK! and the Comprehensive Review CD ROM, I felt like I had it all! (I sound like Whitney Houston)
Dana Eber, OTR/L, CHT  
I want to begin by saying a big thankyou to the two of you. What an asset you both are to the therapy world and the field of hand therapy. Last year I read a testimonial by a therapist in Idaho that worked alone (I could relate!)and had passed the CHT exam and had used the basics and beyond. I was inspired to say the least. I too purchased Beyond the Basics and both the first and second purple book. (You were able to get the second purple book to me in less than 24 hours which gave me 3 weeks to read it before the exam.) The purple book second edition and The Basics and Beyond were the glue that pulled all my information together. You explain things in terms that can be understood, related to and remembered. I know your products were very instrumental in my success with the hand exam and would recommend them without hesitation to any aspiring CHT. Sincerely,
Julie Batchelor OTR, CHT  
I wanted to let you know how your "Purple Book" helped me tremendously with preparing for the CHT this past year. I still have so much to learn as I cont. to study. Thank you so much for your dedication to helping your fellow colleagues and thus helping our patrons attain better outcomes.
Frances J. Walsh, OTR, CHT  
I am relieved that I passed the exam! I used both editions of your purple book with the CD questions to review. I also had some courses and CDROMs of your courses to study from as well as Rehab of the Hand (Yellow) read cover to cover and the recent Hand Journals. I feel like I know alot more now! Thanks.................... Cheryl Mandel
Cheryl Mandel OTR/L CHT  
Susan and Nancy- First of all, I would like to give you all a huge thanks for helping me to pass the CHT exam this year!! I used your Basics and Beyond CD as well as the "purple book" along with some other references and felt very prepared. The practice tests were also well worth the money. I would also like more information about helping at the Philadelphia Conference. I am really interested in attending this year, it would be my first time. I have been to the Indiana conference and heard alot of good things about the Phil. conference. Just let me know. Nicole Yates, OTR/L, CHT
Nicole Yates OTR/L CHT  
I just want to say that the purple book made it easy to study with out having to haul around a ton of books. Thanks.
Jason Dickinson OTR/L CHT (NEW)  
Thank you again for an ingenenious book that is thought provoking and really allows for you to extrapolate in order to learn the material. Truly a work of art.
Velma Garza,OTR,CHT  
Love the book, I have recommended it to others.
Lisa Wiley, OTR  
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