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O.T. and CHT requirements by State
  Physical Agent Modalities: Thermal- Occupation-Based Implementation of Thermal Agent updated

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CEUs: 2.0 Licensure available
Contact Hours: 20 updated 2015

AOTA approved 20 PDUs * 25 NBCOT® PDUs; GA-up to 12 hours : MT 15 hrs Deep, 16 hrs Superficial & Ionto 5 hrs; ID approval #4489;; NOTE: MT & ID MUST PURCHASE THERMAL & ELECTRICAL TO meet required hours -- APPROVED: TN 45 hours; NE, CA 40-P3,, MD, FL MT: IDAHO approved #4489, Course accepted in most states accepting AOTA. Always check with your state OT Board to ensure acceptance.Domain of OT, Occupational Therapy Process


Paul Bonzani MHS, OTR/L, CHT


Updated 2015. This comprehensive excellent 20 contact (25 NBCOT® PDUs; 2.0 AOTA APP CEU) approved course provides you with the clinical knowledge to safely administer thermal modalities in a functional occupationally based approach. We will review current occupational therapy terminology and philosophy to establish the theoretical basis for the use of thermal agent modalities into occupational therapy practice. Evidence identifying effectiveness of each thermal modality intervention is presented as well as the step by step practical application of each device. We assist you in obtaining the training and continuing education you may need to comply with state requirements. Please check with your state licensing and regulatory board to determine what your specific state requirements may be. This course was developed to educate practitioners in the proper, safe and judicious use of physical agent modalities while treating their clients. The format includes lecture, demonstration and practicum, case study presentation with emphasis on treatment planning and assessing effectiveness. A post test format is employed to demonstrate mastery of the material presented and a certificate will be emailed immediately upon (80%) successful completion. Mandatory reading in the 140 page manual and includes required reading to enhance your learning experience. This course can be purchased independently (20 contact hours)or as part of our comprehensive 45 Occupation Based PAMS series consisting of Thermal and Electrical modalities.

Participant will:

  • Differentiate physical impairments from deficits in occupational performance
  • Delineate the biological, psychosocial, and contextual issues resulting in impairment of occupation engagement
  • Identify the biological, psychosocial and contextual problems that could be enhanced through the use of physical agent modalities
  • Determine the appropriate intervention following careful assessment of the underlying biological, psychosocial and contextual pathology
  • Distinguish which underlying biological process is enhanced through the use of an appropriate physical agent modality
  • Recognize effective responses from ineffective ones and adjust interventions accordingly
  • Recognize transdermal drug delivery adverse reactions
  • Review the application and storage of specific pharmacological agents
  • Identify precautions relating to transdermal drug delivery
  • Recognize the indications and contraindication of Diathermy shortwave or microwave modality
  • Online exam - certificate will be immediately emailed to you. 80% to pass

  • The relevance of physical agent modality intervention to occupational therapy practice.
  • Evidence Based: The Biological Basis of tendonitis/tendonopathy
  • Principles of hydrotherapy
  • Thermodynamics: The Physics of Heat Transference: Deep and superficial
  • Clinical Decision Making and Application of Thermal Agents -Deep and superficial
  • Biophysical Principlesand evidence based principles of Sound
  • Clinical Application and evidence based use of Ultrasound to include equipment safety, demonstrations, case studies, precautions and indications
  • Application to Practice: Case Studies discussion
  • Clinical and biophysical discussion and evidence based principles about transdermal drug delivery class, contraindication, preacutions, side effects & dosage
  • Deep and Superficial exam consisting of a totoal of 141 questions to help solidify your understanding - 80% required to pass an dreceive certificate
  • Phonophresis principles and evidence based principles, applications, and pharmacological side effects, precautions and indications
  • Demonstrations of modality application to include discussion on equipment safety
  • Biophysical response to wounding and evidence based principles and how deep and superficial agents apply
  • Extensive indications, precautions, contraindications and patient safety for all deep and superficial agents discussed
  • Documentation examples and considerations
  • Extensive manual consisting of 200 pages to include powerpoint presentation, Chapter intor "talking points", and FAQ
  • Interactive discussion forum with access to instructors 24/7
  • Delineate current concepts of pain propagation and potential for alteration of pain perception using Deep and Superficial Agents
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    Paul is obviously a very intelligent and well-respected clinician. He does a wonderful job making sure difficult points are understood. However, he's a bit monotone and difficult to follow sometimes.
    Mrs. Falkenstein: Thanks so very much for all your help!! Not only is your product excellent but your customer service is outstanding as well! I've recommended you to many of my fellow practitioners!! Donna R. COTA/L
    I have not yet taken the exam but I found the course to be very comprehensive and enjoyable. I love being able to watch/listen twice to areas I need to review again. The instructor is very knowledgeable and knows how to teach to OTs!
    Kathy Wing, OTR/L  

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