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Exploring Hand Therapy

O.T. and CHT requirements by State

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Michelle Star  CYT, IYT, Reiki Master/ART (Advanced)


This course will enhance conventional therapeutic approaches and provide alternative methods to treatment. Course content includes breathing techniques, muscle strengthening and re-education techniques for the entire body, as well as pain and anxiety management techniques. These techniques are geared for clinical application, rehab clients, wellness programs, and home programs for many others.


  • Review basic yoga techniques with conventional therapy approaches.
  • Introduction to how to integrate yoga techniques towards improved functioning and reduced pain through breathing and stretching techniques.
  • Describe how to apply techniques for pain management, chronic pain management and stress/anxiety management during therapeutic exercise.
  • State how to utilize yoga techniques with muscle strengthening and re-education process that leads to functional mobility activities as well as an increase in activities of daily living skills.
  • Review an alternative approach to conventional rehab to enhance a client’s recovery for many populations and ages.
  • Offer a dynamic addition to home exercise programs for the clinic and/or homebound client.
  • Outline:

    I.                    HISTORY AND BACKGROUND


                A.  History

                B.  Philosophy

    C.    Comparison of the Yogic approach and the traditional exercise approach.

    D.     Proof of The Body/Mind Connection – Breathing

    E.     Always start with a Body Scan

    F.     Proof of the Body/Mind connection - a sample test to perform (seated)

                G.  More proof - a test from supine followed by a series of movements, repeat test

    H.  Breathing (supine) - Observance, emphasis on diaphragmatic, thoracic. 

    I.    Three-part, Dirgha breathing (seated)




                A.  The yoga experience - performing the asanas

                      1.   Vinyasa - coordinating breath and movement

                      2.   Supine

                      3    Prone

                      4.   Standing

                      5.   Balancing

                      6.   Seated

                      7.   Inversion

                      8.   Savasana




                A.  Adapting the asanas for your patients

                      1.   Breath and movement - guiding your patient to proprioceptive awareness

                      2.   Supine

                      3    Prone

                      4.   Standing

                      5.   Balancing

                      6.   Seated

                      7.   Inversion



    IV.       RESOURCES


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