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Orthotics: Creative Mobilization Splinting- Dynamic & Static Progressive Splinting (SPS)

There were some new and good ideas. I wish that you guys had included instructions for making the splint that photographed on the cover of the CD! Felt a little slow at the end reviewing prefabs and although I realize you may be supporting your sponsors,comments about your likes and dislikes of these might have been helpful. Overall a fantastic course
The splinting course was done well. I utilized the material covered imediately in the clinic.
awesome course
I thought the video was excellent. It was easy to follow & I could take breaks throughout. Right after the course, I ordered the splinting material & tried all the splints. That very next week, I made 2 of my patients splints from that course. Loved the new splinting ideas!
Occupational Therapist/CHT  
This is excatly what I was looking for. Thanks!!!
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