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Practice Exam (6)

Dear Susan Studying for the CHT test is such a monumental undertaking. Where do you begin? Well thank God for Exploring Hand Therapy! Your practices tests were crucial to helping me learn the material Quickly and easily. The Purple Book was a perfection in that you made the material tangible and flow. My heartfelt thanks. It was the hardest test I've taken but your book and website were crucial in helping me pass's Maribel Cuevas MS OTR/L, CHT!!
Maribel Cuevas MS OTR/L, CHT  
I used both the purple book as well as three practice exams. They were my best means of studying the material and they challenged my knowledge as well as directed me to areas that I needed to improve in my understanding. I am positive that your study materials were essential and invaluable to my level of preparedness on exam day. Thank you so much for setting me up for success, I am eternally grateful, Stephanie Wu .
Stephanie Wu  
The Certified Hand Therapy exam is comprised primarily of clinical reasoning questions. According to the Hand Therapy Certification Commission, the exam content "reflects current practices of the domains of hand therapy including relevant tasks and knowledge areas that have been identified as essential to the practice of hand therapy." In studying for the CHT exam I used several resources that were listed on the HTCC website. Out of all the CHT educational materials available, the one that helped me the most and ultimately assisted in giving me the clinical reasoning skills and training required to pass the CHT test is the "The Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, 3rd edition, (The Purple Book). The PB is up-to-date with current relevant information, excellent illustrations and photographs with comprehensive and easy to understand content in a question/answer format. As an adjunct to the purple book, the Basics and Beyond online programs are excellent tools to not only sharpen your CHT knowledge base but will help give you the competitive edge in the critical reasoning skills imperative in passing the exam. Practice tests are an important component of the CHT preparatory process. With the complexity and degree of difficulty of the CHT exam, practice tests will help the CHT candidate appreciate and understand the importance of developing vital skills with the ability to solve complex upper extremity problems, finding the optimum solution under a definitive time limit. I highly recommend, the 6th edition test on the Exploring Hand Therapy website. This particular test is the only one on the market today that closely aligns with the format of the CHT exam. Lastly, I would take advantage of other upper extremity programs offered through this website such as the free content segments, cadaver series, Treatment2go tips and Hot Stuff section with innovative products and courses to keep the CHT candidate and current CHTs abreast of the latest information and techniques for better performance in the field of upper extremity rehabilitation. Hope this helps! All the best, Juliette Matis
Juliette Matis  
I purchased the set of 3 practice exams and I can definitely say that these helped me to identify my weaker areas of study for the test. I would definitely recommend purchasing more than one of the practice exams for variation of questioning for anyone who is preparing for the CHT certification test. I recently passed the exam in May of 2017 and know that these practice helped me study in a more organized fashion. Steven Rodgers, OTR/L, CHT
Steven Rodgers, OTR/L, CHT  
I found this test to be extremely helpful in preparing for my CHT test. I have recommended it to others for their studying materials. Thanks so much!
JoAnn Wilson OTR/L CHT  
I just wanted to say thank you for your invaluable study materials. From the purple book to Basics and Beyond to the practice exams, your materials played an important role in my successful CHT exam prep. Thank you for producing such high quality and affordable continuing education products.
Brocha Stern  
your study materials I purchased were extremely helpful in my success on the exam. I have test anxiety that I know decreases my processing the details of the question. I had tried other study guides from ASHT, classes, reading through the Rehabilitation of the Hand along with other resources, but I did not feel all these resources were money and time well spent in preparation. Yes, the readings are important but did not prepare me in how to better analyze the test questions. I purchased the on-line study guide through your Live Conferences and the Purple book, 3rd edition to study while traveling. Having the ability to answer test questions (practice) and immediately have the explanation and references why my answer was or was not the best choice helped me understand the test questions and relax with the exam.
Ray Hucke  
I purchased the Hand Therapy Certification CHT package for the CHT exam preparation and found it to be comprehensive yet concise. I especially appreciated the practice tests, which were very helpful in assessing the depth of my preparedness for the CHT exam and were crucial for my CHT preparation. Thank you for such a comprehensive and interactive CHT exam prep package! Sandeep, OTD, OTR/L, CHT
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