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Practice Exam Modalities

Dear Susan: Thank you for all your support and extremely thorough CHT practice exams as I PASSED!! Your detailed questions coupled with rationales for correct answers helped me identify areas for further study. The practice exam process was empowering and educational. Your customer support is amazing! Thank you again, Cheryl Pagel, MS OTR/L CHT
Cheryl Pagel, MS OTR/L CHT  
Nancy and Susan, I have been meaning to contact you to give you a very big thank you :) for all of your help and educational material which helped me to prepare for the CHT exam. The materials that Exploring Hand Therapy provides is the best, in my opinion, that I studied and played a major role in my understanding and studying such a large amount of material. Thank you again.
i woud like to pass on my ccht exam i faild 3 time i wana make sure this practise exam will help me a lot tank you
michelle coronejo  
what a nice experience to take the online exam, please allow me to say that i really used this exam in my aiming to passed the civil service exam.....
landen sala  
Lots of stuff I didn't know I didn't know so thanks for the review
Overall I am glad I took the test because of the focus on just modalities. I would definitely recommend it to people who will be sitting for the CHT exam. There were a few mistakes on the answers, but the questions I submitted were quickly answered in less than 24 hours.
Steven Kremer, OTR/L, CHT  
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