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Joint Mobilization of the Upper Extremity

When I entered the profession, I worked in a town in which I was the only OT and the only hand therapist. Treatment to go offered me guidance and I credit them with my career. This joint mobilization course has been indescribably helpful. It's been a most vital course and my hand surgeons are very pleased with results. This course was great and all hand therapists can benefit, not only for this course but for your career
Susan Hammerich OTR/L HTC PAM  
It was very well organized and helpful. I will continue to review it and learn more each time. Thank You
Elsa Escobedo OTR  
The course material is very helpful and thorough. I like it very much. I can practice whenever I want to. It is also very helpful in teaching students and coworkers.
Kerstin Waltz OTR/L  
Great information. Very well presented. I think that with a Joint Mob course, I need to have more hands on experience and hands on feedback. The information is great to have though, and I feel I got a lot from the course.
Gretchen Proctor OTR/L CHT  
This is a great course. One of the better courses I've bought online. Mr. Allen demonstrates all UE mobilizations with commentary on body/hand positions that flows nicely. The question session at the end offers additional information regarding convex/concave rule, precautions and a couple of case studies.
Shannon OTR/L,CHT  
Maybe more advanced then I expected. Work outpt and SNF. Looking for course's for contracture management/ROM etc dealing with, elbows, hands(in general,not going through ever single finger), wrist, shoulder.
Kenny D. Maynes, OTR/L  
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