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Hand Club

The hand club had been invaluable to me . I believe your  services are unique and  that you give  a more through and more mentoring type of service that has fostered my growth and development as a sole practioner . I credit both of you with walking me through and guiding me through the CHT process . I hope to meet you both one day ( maybe at ASHT this year if you go and thank you in person )
Really appreciate the quick responses by moderators and members as I work in a rural clinic and am the only CHT.
Pamela Witthaus, OTR/L, CHT  
I like the hand club. I was just curious when the case studies come out that were to be part of the package of joining the hand club? Thank you (These are posted on handtherapy.com site monthly)
One of the best ways to learn new ideas and review information.
Tammy Momohara  
I like knowing I am able to throw out a question on almsot anything - this is very helpful as I work alone in my clinic and have no "human" resources available to ask questions. However, I find myself holding back sometimes because I often think my questions are too simplistic for this forum and my lack of experience doesn't allow others to benefit (as I often benefit from reading other posts - new and old). Regardless, I am still glad I have a place I can "listen in" - every little bit helps when you are learning!
Melissa Giberson  
Love it. Being an OT in a rural community, this is an invaluable service! Timely responses. My only complaint is that sometimes it appears the questions are not fully read before the moderator responds.
Pamela Witthaus OTR/L  
I find the Hand Club very helpful and appreciate the quick response time to questions.
The test result are in and I passed.......yeah for me !!!! ........... i honestly can't believe it ........ I don't think i would have passed without this forum , your guidance and the test materials ......... This means so much to me !!!! Words can not express my gratitude..... thanks again !!!!!!!
The hand club is excellent. Nancy and Susan reply so quickly to questions and provide such helpful advice.
The service you provide is nothing short of awesome. Your club makes me feel that I have the support of intelligent clinicians who welcome my questions. I don't mind paying for this service you provide. I have grown as a hand therapist as a result of the hand club.
Robin Miller  
Awesome feedback! Thank you. You and Susan are like my hand therapy angels...I ask a question and poof I get my answer! Thanks so much, love this forum.
This is one of the best investments to make to enhance your professional growth.
Debra Francis  
A very unique and beneficial asset to the therapy community.
Carolyn Phelan  
Thanks for the quick reply Nancy. you more than answered my question. This was the first question I posted to the Hand club as I am studying away for the exam. I am very impressed with the quick reply. Thanks again jodi
Thanks to Nancy and Susun, and the Exploring Hand Therapy website and club! Your materials, advice, and input on all my questions were invaluable!!! I passed the CHT exam and couldn't be happier!!!! Pam Karp
Pam Karp OTR CHT  
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