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  Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Motor Imagery Program

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CEUs: .75 Updated 7.5 hrs
Contact Hours: 7.5 Fl/ALApproved # 20-197995

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Domain of OT, Occupational Therapy Process


Susan W. Stralka PT,DPT,MS


You don't want to miss this revolutionary course. This course is designed for clinicians who have an interest in treating upper extremity dysfunction both neurovascular and musculoskeletal. Mirror imaging or motor imagery has been around for ages but now with improved brain imaging there is a rebirth. Recent brain imagery measurement has been able to confirm a mirror neuron system in humans which is involved in higher cognitive processes. Following injury, sensory and motor retraining are of utmost importance in gaining functional control of the upper limb. The clinician will learn ways to evaluate difficult problem areas in the upper extremity which may be contributing to dysfunctional motor planning. The clinician will learn to identify graphesthesia, stereognosis, localization and kinesthesia and develop treatment programs to regain UE function. Patients need a structured program which can be precisely repeated at home. This course is designed to discuss the physiological principles of mirror imaging and its application to treatment programs. At the end of this course, the clinician will have tools to take back to begin using immediately in their clinic.

  • Describe mirror imaging/motor imaging
  • To provide basic information on motor planning
  • Understand the physiological principles underlying mirror imaging
  • Adapt the concepts of mirror imaging to the orthopedic/neurological upper extremity patient
  • Design effective treatment program for difficult upper extremity problems including focal dystonia
  • Describe a new treatment program for CRPS, degenerative diseases, musculoskeletal problems, phantom limb pain, peripheral and neural insult as well as chronic pain
  • Identify the 3 sequence GMIP
  • Recognize how to grade progress of GMIP
  • Adjunctive DVDs available for some courses for an additional fee. Call 727-560-5552 for details
  • Updated content:

  • Research and discussion on Clinical Ways to Treat the Brain
  • Clinical ways to Treat the Brain for numerous pathologies
  • Laterality- extensive demonstration, tips and tricks
  • Imagery, what is it, how to implement and grade imagery in the clinic & home
  • Mirror therapy demonstrations with tips and tricks
  • Conversation with the expert
  • Fantastic information to implement immediately in your clinical setting
  • Great home program tips and tricks
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    This updated course is AMAZING - thanks Ladies you got a winner.
    Good Intro into Mirror Therapy
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