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  Yoga: Creative Clinical Wisdoms

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Contact Hours: 2.0 NBCOT® 2.50 PDUd

CE Broker Fl/AL approved # 20-452563; AOTA APP;
Domain of OT and Occupational Therapy Process


Michelle Star  CYT, IYT, Reiki Master/ART (Advanced)


Yoga is becoming a recognized form of therapy used within the field occupational and physical therapy rehabilitation. Yoga, a practice of exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation which started in ancient India, has been touted as a way to boost physical, spiritual, and mental health for thousands of years. This is a progressive course focusing on relaxation, mental healing, pain management, and exercises to assist with improving one’s self, awareness and for ultimate functional improvements through yoga. This introductory level course is focused on leading edge information with regard to Yoga and evolution, the depth of its long-term benefits using the Yoga principals, new insights with regard to the vagus nerve and its spiritual and energetic impact, and the pranic tube/torus energy flow to clear physical as well as mental/emotional issues. This is a fantastic introductory level course. This course content may be considered as alternative treatments for certain pathologies which may include pain management, CRPS, to name a few. Manual of 40 pages. Must pass (80%) online exam to redeem your AOTA APP certificate. Instructional Method for this introductory level online movie:: Online Streaming.

Objectives - You will learn to:

  • Recognize the importance of hydration and health, energize your water and food with positive qualities such as joy, happiness, prosperity
  • Identify proper breathing techniques to assist in overall health and weight loss
  • Identify Chakras and body parts & how to use them to prevent illness
  • Recognize cleansing breath for overall health
  • Identify the Five Tibetans and how they will assist in improving functional independence
  • Introduction and recognize information with regard to the vagus nerve and how yoga can play a vital role in improving the function of the VN
  • Identify the pranic Tube and torus and how to work with each
  • Learn the evolutionary role of the vagus nerve related to yoga and well-being
  • Adjunctive DVDs available for an additional fee. Call 727-215-7614 for details
  • Outline:

  • Who this guide will serve and how it ties into therapy
  • Hydration
  • USGS - the water in You
  • Yogic Breathing for weight loss
  • Yoga: The 5 Tibetans, Pain Management, Chakras
  • The vagus nerve
  • Tube Torus and vagus nerve
  • Nutrition and cleansing
  • Summary
  • Format Movie Presentation
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    Awesome work. These practical tools are needed more now than ever before. Keep up the great work!
    Steve Rother Spokesman for "the group"  
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