I am viewing my movies on my IPAD , Iphone or other portable device – will this cost me money?

If you are not using your WiFi you will not have charges towards your data plan. Make sure you know the plan you are subscribed to and if you have unlimited data provided or not.  You will need to be connected to the internet to view the courses.

Can I watch my online movie courses on my tablet?

Yes you can watch our movies on any device anytime day or night.

Can I take my exam from the IPAD, phone or any other tablet?

YES! You can take all course exams from your desktop or any device.

I need to change my email address how do I do this?

If you need to change your email address  login to your account and update any information which you need to update.

I can not hear the sound?

First make sure the course has sound.  Typically , if you can’t hear the issue is with your computer. Please check your owners manual or turn the speaker volume up. Often times the speakers are not attached or are turned to off.

I am trying to view a courses and I am unable to. What do I do?

Likely it is a network issue and you will need to check your firewall or internet connection.  If you shut down your browser and re-open a fresh browser you will be good to go!

Can I view liveconferences.com courses if I have a Mac (Apple) computer?

Courses can be viewed without difficulty from all mac and i-devices.   Some courses are in PDF format.  Mac (Apple) computers that are able to view PDF or HTML can view our PDF books.

I lost my User ID and password what do I do?

Your login is your email address.  If you can not remember your password you will click on the lost password button and you will be prompted via your email to reset a new password.

Does my online course access expire?

Online access expires one year after purchase. Extended viewing purchases are available for a discount.  You will be reminded prior to expiration that the course will expire soon and can request a discounted extension.  Note: if you purchase CHT practice exams these have a 6 month access.

How do I calculate CEUs?

The quantitative measure of 1 AOTA CEU is 10 clock hours of instruction. For example, a 2-hour course would equate to .2 AOTA CEUs or a 6-hour course is .6 AOTA CEUs.  Both contact hours and CEUs are described on the courses.

Do we provide NBCOT® PDUs?

Most of our educators provide NBCOT® PDUs.  You can obtain all 36 NBCOT® PDUs from courses we provide. NBCOT® is a registered trademark of the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc. and does not promote or endorse our specific courses, services or training.

Are we AOTA approved providers?

Most of our educators are AOTA providers.  As you explore the courses you will see who provides AOTA CE.  For example: Treatment2go/Exploring Hand Therapy is an AOTA approved provider ID #3397. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA.

Where do I take my exam?
 To take your exams you login and go to “My Account” and “Exam” is found next to the course manual.
What will my credit card statement say?

Your credit card statement will reflect liveconferences.com.

What type of security does your site use to ensure my personal information like credit card number, name and address etc.? Is it secure?

We employ state of the art 128-bit SSL encryption, the highest level of security available on the Internet y.  Your personal information is secure at all times when purchasing our products.

What is the time limit for exchanges on defective products?

Defective products can be returned and exchanged for 30 days from time of purchase. It is the customer responsibility to determine if a product is defective after arrival in the mail and notify liveconferences.com as soon as possible.  Course cancellations or refunds are not available once the material or the exam have been accessed as the materials can be downloaded or printed after they are accessed.

If I do not like my course, can I return it?

Our goal is 100 percent satisfaction therefore we will offer an exchange in certain circumstances. However, remember online courses are the same as going to a live course in which you would have no ability to get a refund or exchange.  If you have a concern about you material please email us immediately as the policy is: cancellations are not available once the material or the exam have been accessed. Fortunately the courses on this site are top notch so this is not an issue.

Can I apply my CEUs for my CHT renewal?

You may apply any hand therapy course towards your HTCC re certification.  HTCC requires 80 hours every 5 years to re certify. Any hand therapy course on our site which are 3 hours & more will apply towards category A. If they are under 3 hours, they will apply towards category B. Always verify information with HTCC as they may update or change their policy. For details on this CLICK HERE

How many hours do I need to apply for my national occupational therapy license renewal (NBCOT)?

A total of thirty-six (36) professional development units beginning and throughout a three year cycle are required. These units can be earned through a variety of professional development activities, including Internet coursework. Independent learning with assessment element (online courses,CE articles, self-study series, etc.). 1 hour =1 unit 36 units for OT role or 18 units for professional role CEUs, contact hours, certificate of completion verifying time spent. Verification of assessment component may be required. For details CLICK HERE

How many hours do I need for my state license renewal?

Continuing Education requirements for license renewal vary among States and are subject to change without notice. Please keep in mind that you should always check with your local state board for confirmation or prior approval or authorization for course credit. If your individual state board does not require CEUs, you will still need to satisfy NBCOT CE requirements.

Will my CEUs be accredited?

Exploring Hand Therapy is an AOTA approved provider. Many states automatically accept AOTA approved courses. If they do not automatically accept AOTA courses, or if audited, you may be required to provide the course description, objectives and outline. These are available on our site for each course. The state will also need a copy of your certificate for documentation. Always check with your state CEU requirements. It is your responsibility to verify all state regulations and requirements.

What if I disagree with a concept or statement presented on your website or courses(s) or there are errors?

The information provided onEHT/Tx2go websites and within courses, booklets, and any & all products is believed to be reasonably accurate. Exploring Hand Therapy/Treatment2go or any of its affiliates does not warrant that the information is free from all errors and omissions. EHT/TX2go does not warrant that the products, information, techniques, and suggestions meet any particular standard, and accepts no liability for any action taken in reliance on them. EHT/Tx2go’s products and information is not intended as a sole resource for treatment, educational, or for any purpose. It is the responsibility of the viewer to verify all and any information.

Expiration of online access

All online courses expire in one year after purchase. Extended viewing purchases are available for a discount. Email: info@liveconferences.com prior to your expiration.

Exam: I want to review the exam I took. How do I do this?

Your exam can be viewed once you pass but you can not take the exam for a passing score twice. To view the completed passed exam you will go through the same steps if you are going to take the exam:go to liveconferences.com or handtherapy.com Log in and click “TAKE EXAM” Next on the left side click “CLICK HERE TO TAKE EXAM” in big red letter. Then to to view the exam and the certificate.

How do I get a copy of certificate?

Your certificate will be immediately emailed to you upon successful completion of your exam. The certificate will be emailed to the address on file. If you need a copy of your certificate you will go through the same steps if you are going to take the exam:go to: www.liveconferences.com Log in and click “TAKE EXAM” Next on the left side click “CLICK HERE TO TAKE EXAM” in big red letter. Then to to view certificate.


Your certificate will be immediately emailed to you upon successful completion of your exam. The certificate will be emailed to the address on file. If you need a copy of your certificate you will go through the same steps if you are going to take the exam:go to: www.liveconferences.com Log in and click “TAKE EXAM” Next on the left side click “CLICK HERE TO TAKE EXAM” in big red letters. Then to to view certificate.

How do I receive my CEU’s?

To receive your CEU certificate you must successfully pass an online exam. You are allowed unlimited retakes of you examination. Your certificate is automatically emailed to the email address you used when you created your User ID/password.

Can additional users receive CEUs for viewing my course?

Yes, additional users can not only get CEUs, but they can get them for a discount! The more users, the greater the discount. Email us for more information regarding this info@liveconferences.com.

What happens if I fail my exam?

You can retake the exam as many times as you need. Once you achieve an 80%, you will receive your certificate via email.

When can I take my online exam?

You can take your online exam after you register and view your course. If you have trouble getting to the exam. Close your browser and re-open it and try again.

How long do I have to complete my online exam for my CEU’s?

One year after purchase date.

How do I find my course manual after I purchase my course?

Once you have created a User ID and password, you need to go to www.liveconferences.com and login. All your courses will be listed and you can view your manuals and access your exams.

I don’t have a printer but want the course manual. What do I do?

You can either download the manual and use directly from your PC, or you can order a printed version or the manual on a CD for an additional fee. The paid manuals are the exact copies of what you can download without charge, when you purchase of any of our courses.

If a course has a manual with it, how do I receive it?

If a course has a manual, once you purchase your course you can download and print it for free. You must have a current version of adobe reader to view the PDF (course manuals). If you do not have the current version of the free adobe reader, CLICK HERE.

Can I view the movies online if I use dial up service?

You can view the movies with dial-up connection but it is NOT recommended. Dial-up service can result in significant audio and video delays.

Is the quality as good online as on a CD or DVD?

Yes, absolutely and you can watch rewind and replay anytime day or night from your computer, tablet or phone.

What is the difference between and online interactive book and a PDF book?

An online interactive book is a mixed media presentation. It can have photos, links, movies and pop quizzes throughout the product. This can be viewed from any device at any time. A PDF book is in text format, that you can view online. It is a course that is presented in text rather than movie format. They are designed for CEU’s on a budget, or for those who prefer reading to enhance their clinical skills. Some may have movies integrated in the materials.

Can I take my exam from any computer?

Yes your exam can be taken from any computer or tablet. It is recommended to use Internet Explorer when taking exams if possible.

Where do I take my exam?

To take your exams, login at www.handtherapy.com or www.liveconferences.com.

How do I get my login and password?

You must register your course. Every course needs to be registered or it won’t show up in your group. If you did not register for EACH purchased course, you will not be able to take your exams or receive your manuals. Register your course from your online emailed receipt.