With a proven track record over a span of nearly 30 years, Michelle has received recognition as an expert in the field of Yoga and healing. Having conducted the Yoga therapy classes for the Cleveland Clinic’s scientific study in 2000 entitled, “The Impact of Yoga on a Chronic Pain Population,” Michelle demonstrated how Yoga can be a therapeutic tool for a range of physical and emotional challenges. (Study was orchestrated by Dr. Sonia Gaur, then a psychiatric resident). The conclusion of the study revealed that “Yoga improves mood in chronic pain patients, leads to decreased medication use, and a decrease in pain severity. Results are statistically significant.” Michelle taught for the Clinic employees for over 5 years, including during the time she operated her own double Yoga studio in Middleburg Heights, OH. Much of Michelle’s career has been spent traveling as a Yoga and Reiki instructor, leading classes and workshops in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania (and now Florida) since 1985. She offers Kripalu Yoga, giving instruction that touches all levels (physical, mental/emotional and spiritual). She leads her classes at the level of the students with enough challenge to encourage strength-building, growth and constant improvement in all areas without force or strain. She received certification for Yoga Education Autism Spectrum from Kahlon Family Services of Los Angeles and has taught Yoga for special needs children at the Children’s Developmental Center, Amherst, OH since 2005. Michelle has also taught Yoga for incarcerated teens at the Mohican Juvenile Correctional Facility in Mohican State Park (OH) and for emotionally disturbed and adjudicated teens at Common Ground Center, Oberlin, OH. A Reiki practitioner and teacher since 1996, Michelle has attuned over a hundred Reiki practitioners. In 2012 and 2014, Michelle received elite certifications from Paths 2 Empowerment’s OverLight series to facilitate Vagus Nerve Activations and offers appointments. She offers classes and workshops in Kripalu Yoga, Reiki, Vagus Nerve Activations and teaches Tarot as a creativity and self-knowledge tool. She is an affiliate with the Thrive Movement and a distributor for Zija International. Michelle strives to promote personal empowerment and peace, one heart at a time.