Basics and Beyond ® Wounds

Basics and Beyond ® Wounds

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This Basics and Beyond course is an Exploring Hand Therapy (EHT) online E-book which is part of a series consisting of 20 chapters. It is exceptional for CHT exam preparation as well as to sharpen your clinical skills. For Bundle discounts Click Here! BB Wounds focuses on understanding the wounding causes and interventions/therapy.

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This course is part of the Basics and Beyond series. The series consists of 20 chapters. This is one chapter on WOUNDS. It is exceptional for CHT exam preparation as well as to sharpen your clinical skills. Available as a single course or in bundles Click Here!
Domain of OT, Occupational Therapy Process,

BB WOUNDS focuses on understanding the skin anatomy, wounds, infection, interventions and therapy. This course is great to gain your foundation and beyond. Mixed level: Intermediate to advanced. Online digital book, with 4 video clips, .40 photos, 21 Brain Game quizzes throughout the course to solidify your knowledge.

ONLINE LIVE CHAT and discussion board. 80% to redeem your certificate via an online exam consisting of <20 questions. Certificate will be immediately emailed to you upon successful completion.


This course has 22 Brain Game “pop-up” quizzes throughout the course content, multiple photos and videos to enhance your learning. This course has “live chat” with an EHT moderator during the course and it has a discussion room for course participant interaction.

  • Recognize Layers of healthy skin anatomy
  • Recognize “stages” of wound healing or the process of wound healing
  • Determine appropriate intervention for wounding, and infection
  • Recognize factors that influence wound healing
  • Differentiate appropriate moist wound healing categories for wounding intervention
  • Determine key factors for a wound evaluation


  1. Definition of wounding
  2. Layers of skin
  3. Function of skin
  4. Process of wound healing
    1. Stages of wounding
  5. Factors that influence wound healing
  6. Problems with wound healing
    1. Infections; paraonychia, virus, pyogenic granuloma, staph
  7. Cardinal signs of inflammation and infection
  8. Wound closures
  9. Wound Classification
  10. Burn identification Terms
  11. Wound Care/intervention
  12. Moist Wound Healing
    1. Dressings and products
  13. Evaluation of a wound
  14. References
  15. Examination
Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy-Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education/Exercise Physiology Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland Currently working: +23 years Bacharach Institute For Rehabilitation in Pomona, New Jersey Out Patient Satellites with focus on UE, Nerve Injuries, Splinting, Kinesio Taping, Graded Motor Imaginary, and Concussion Injurieds: Certifications In: Blankenship Capacity Evaluation; Key Functional Assessment Specialist Kinesio Taping- CKTP (KT1, KT2, KT3, K4- Specialty Sports Orthopedic Concepts).


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