CA 40-H89 Advanced Hand 3 Hours
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Domain of OT, Occupational Therapy Process

This is a mixed level learning orthotics workshop featuring mobilization orthotics (static progressive and dynamic) for the upper extremity. The instructional format includes a didactic lecture to include PowerPoint presentation on the principles of mobilization, up close and personal orthotic examples, followed by detailed orthotic fabrications, orthotic critique and allotted follow along lab time for participants to fabricate orthotics.

Manual is over 60 pages. Participant’s will gain knowledge in making clinical decisions regarding the use of appropriate materials for immobilization orthotics with their clients and how orthotics is used in the occupation based approach. Upon successful completion of the examination (80%) your certificate will be sent via email.


  • Review principles of static progressive and orthotic fabrication
  • Recognize indications and orthotic management for 3 clinical conditions of the upper extremity
  • Observe the fabrication steps necessary to make well fitting orthosis each clinical condition reviewed.
  • Fabricate each orthotic on a partner
  • Visualize several tips and tricks for making each orthosis
  • Review the current levels of evidence to support each orthosis as an intervention.
  • Review codes for billing the orthotics


  1.  Introduction to Orthotic Fabrication mobilization Orthoses
  2. PIP Flexion Contracture
    1. relevant anatomy and pathophysiology
    2. benefits of a dynamic extension orthosis
    3. orthotic demonstration of a Capener style orthosis
    4. practice on a partner
    5. critique, evidence and summary
  3. Static Progressive Orthosis for the Stiff Hand
    1. relevant anatomy
    2. static progressive and dynamic concepts
    3. orthotic demonstration of a static progressive finger flexion orthosis for the stiff hand
    4. practice on a partner
    5. critique, evidence and summary
  4. Peripheral Nerve Damage to Ulnar and Median Nerves
    1. relevant anatomy
    2. discuss the benefits of a functional orthosis
    3. orthotic demonstration of functional median nerve/ ulnar nerve orthosis with a dynamic thumb component
    4. practice on a partner
    5. critique, evidence and summary
    6. summary