Basics and Beyond ® Wrist

Basics and Beyond ® Wrist

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AOTA: Domain of OT, OTP,
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For Bundle discounts Click Here! BB Wrist focuses on understanding the practical aspects of the body and how it functions.

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Excellent for CHT preparation as well as enhancing your clinical skills. This course is part of the Basics and Beyond series consisting of 20 chapters. It is exceptional for CHT exam preparation as well as to sharpen your clinical skills. Available as a single course or in bundles Click Here!
Domain of OT, Occupational Therapy Process,

BB wrist focuses on understanding the practical aspects of the body and how it functions. A complex therapeutic matter in the orthopedic realm starts with an anatomical foundation and travels through various wrist pathologies. This course is great to gain your foundation. Mixed level: Intermediate. Online digital book, with 2 video clips, 93 photos,60 Brain Game quizzes throughout the course to solidify your knowledge.

ONLINE LIVE CHAT and discussion board. 80% to redeem your certificate via an online exam consisting of <20 questions. Certificate will be immediately emailed to you upon successful completion.


This course has 60 Brain Game “pop-up” quizzes throughout the course content, 93 photos, and 2 video segments to enhance your learning. This course has “live chat” feature with an EHT moderator during the course hours and it has a discussion room for course participant interaction.

  • Identify critical anatomical landmarks of the wrist
  • Differentiate between the wrist zones and zone pathologies
  • Identify extensor compartments
  • Recognize ligaments of the wrist


  1. Anatomical landmarks of the wrist
    1. Ligaments of the wrist
    2. Neurovascular anatomy
  2. Evaluation of the Wrist
    1. Inspection
    2. Anatomy by zones and pathologies
  3. Radial Dorsal Zone
    1. deQuervain’s
    2. Intersection syndrome
    3. DRSN pathology
  4. Central zone
    1. Ulnar Dorsal Zone
    2. DRUJ
    3. TFCC
  5. Radial volar zone
    1. CTS
  6. Ulnar volar Zone
    1. Guyon’s canal
  7. Extensor compartments of the Wrist
  8. Wrist Pathologies and Treatment
    1. Distal radius
    2. Scaphoid
    3. Lunate
    4. Other carpals
    5. Carpal instability
    6. Dislocations
    7. TFCC
    8. Ulnocarpal abutment
    9. RA
  9. References
  10. Examination; 80% needed to redeem your certificate


Kristy Toto graduated from the University of New England with a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy and has worked as a Certified Hand Therapist since 2009. She is also certified in the Graston technique and as a Fieldwork Educator.

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  1. Brocha Stern MOT

    I just wanted to say thank you for your invaluable study materials. From the purple book to Basics and Beyond to the Practice Exams, your materials played an important role in my successful CHT exam prep. Thank you for producing such high quality and affordable continuing education products.

  2. Kris Nelson

    Just wanted to let you know I passed the CHT exam. I have no doubt that the online study materials and the purple book I purchased through you were instrumental in helping make it happen. Thank you very much for putting out such a good product. Kris Nelson MPT, CHT

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