NEW for 2020 38 PDUs PROMO

NEW for 2020 38 PDUs PROMO

Need all of 38 NBCOT® PDU hours? This 38 PDU hour combo will exceed your expectations. LOTS of great content from a variety of instructors in an easy to learn format. March 31st is the deadline. Don’t miss it. Updated and Clinically Relevant

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Tai Chi: Flow into Function

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Hand Therapy Certification

This course is accepted by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission towards re-certification.


Earn all of your NBCOT® PDUs for $285

Need all 38 of your NBCOT® PDU hours? This 38 hour package combo will exceed your expectations. Learn about arthritis, dementia, best practices in getting paid and tai chi. LOTS of great content in an easy to learn format. March 31st is the deadline. Don’t miss it.

  • NBCOT® awards 1.25 hours per credit hour
  • Click on course title for description and course details
  • Under $8.00 per credit hour!
  • 4 amazing Classes
  • All 38 PDUs can be obtained through independent learning through online education




    Tai Chi: Flow into Function:

  1. Rita Shaloiko

    excellent, i had started a tai chi class for myself at the end of last year and this product has great ideas as to how to incorporate it into rehab for my patients. now i don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

  2. Your review is awaiting approval

    Outrageous price!! I couldn’t believe your course cost so much. Please.

  3. Anonymous

    , I took the Tai Chi course without thinking of all of the ways to use it. Just really looking for something that would meet CEUs with some application for chronic pain and dystonia. This course was a wonderful surprise. As I mentioned I was traveling. Unfortunately, it was to assist my sister with new dialysis. I put the seated breathing into practice with her as well as some of the seated exercise. She loves it during those long 4 hours. Planning to use it with several of my children at work. LOVED THIS COURSE.

  4. Anonymous

    extremely well done course

  5. Dementia and Beyond: The Forgotten Face (OT):

  6. Erin White

    Learned lots of great tips and techniques to use with my patients. This class was engaging and gave me clinical skills I can use right away.

  7. Sandra Hartman

    This class surpassed my expectations. It was engaging, interesting and loaded with great points.

  8. Nan Boyer

    This is an excellent course! I highly recommend this to anyone working with dementia patients. Very informative. My husband had dementia. I would be very pleased to have a therapist aware of this information working with my loved one.

  9. To Pay or Deny? That is the Question: A guide to best documentation practices:

  10. Martha J. Davis

    This was a very helpful course for improving my mode of documentation. It further supports how I have been documenting and has helped me be more precise with better information in each section. It has not reduced my volume of information… just improved my organization and inclusion of information.
    I had previously shared this information when I had finished the course.

  11. Anonymous

    Very thorough course. Helped to know the background as to what Medicare covers and what it doesn’t and the history behind it. Everything became a lot clearer about how the G codes work and how to make them fit into your documentation.
    I was able to take good information back to my clinic, staff and the QA committee for the rest of the company’s benefit. It made a complicated topic, straight forward and much more logical (and easier to explain to others!) It is one thing to understand it yourself and a whole other thing to be able to teach it to others which is what most of us Directors have to do. Thank you for another great course. You never disappoint.

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