Cupping Basics and Beyond Bundle<br/>Includes Cupping Premium Set of 6

Cupping Basics and Beyond Bundle
Includes Cupping Premium Set of 6

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LIMITED TIME: Comes with 6 FREE Cups ($49.99 dollar Value) The biomechanical and occupation based approach to care is used when applying the cupping technique. Therapists create a balance and facilitate overall function for their patients.

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Hand Therapy Certification

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Cupping is a super easy modality to practice, but to practice it with expert skill, and to fully understand the indications, cautions, and contraindications of cupping therapy (any powerful modality will have risks involved) it is highly advisable to take a well researched and respected training. Like any modality, there are many levels of skill that can be achieved, and many approaches to practice.



  • Review history of cupping
  • Identify precautions/contraindications for cupping
  • Determine appropriate cupping treatment intervention based on target tissue and desired effect
  • Observe basic cupping treatment techniques and patterns based on clinical reasoning
  • Review research articles and the effects of cupping intervention
  • Visualize detailed cupping sessions and then do breakout sessions and practice cupping technique via video-based learning



6 FREE Cups at check-out – Limited Time Opportunity ($49 dollar value – these only ship free to USA.) If you are out of USA please know we will connect with you about shipping promotion.



  • History and Research
  • Indications & Application
  • Clinical Reasoning & Documentation
  • Video Demonstration & Breakout practice modules
  • Putting It All Together
  • Case studies and in-depth demonstrations, including safety precautions throughout
  • Watch and learn how to cup for scars
  • How to cup with nerve and tendon gliding
  • How to cup to treat myofascial pain
  • How to cup for trigger point and fascial restrictions


Level 1 Cert. CCS (Certified Cupping Specialist) after successful completion of the online exam


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Includes Cupping Premium Set of 6”

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